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“As an author for 30 years who is fussy about typescript,  I must recommend Suzanne Johnson of KMJ Secretarial Services for her high level of competence and expertise. My fussiness has dogged the way through many typists, especially those of reputable publishers, and Suzanne’s ability far exceeds them all.

Her typing for me of a book manuscript was done with a cheerful, confident, professional attitude, on time, utterly problem free, and at a very competitive rate far less than the publisher’s own. Nor does her scope end there. Over the years she has often arranged the layout of copy in an attractive, practical format that I had not thought possible – lately even crafted smart labels for a book display I had in mind. She has just scanned to my publisher for me about an error by his staff on the latest front cover they set up. Accepting their error, he would have been surprised at such a techno-response from me via Suzanne. But here on, if he ever sees how a fusspot like myself has actually praised someone’s secretarial work as topnotch, his face might turn pale, jaw sagging in amazement.”